Small Bathroom Remolding Ideas

Everyone dreams to have a luxurious bathroom that makes their home look more stylish and elegant. But remolding your bathroom into a stylish spa is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have a small bathroom. Small bathrooms are often thought difficult to transform into trendy ones. The reason is stylish items are often hard to accommodate in a small space. Moreover, making changes in a small space often get complicated. So, how to remold a small bathroom?

If you are also worried about remolding your small bathroom then cheer up! We have numerous ideas that work great for innovating your small bathroom. Let’s check out the fantastic small bathroom remolding ideas.

1. Install Wall Mounted Mirror

Without a perfect mirror, a bathroom looks incomplete. It is the most essential accessory for any bathroom and gives a unique outlook to your bathroom. Mirrors reflect the light add improves the lighting of your small bathroom.

Small bathrooms can be innovated by adding a sophisticated wall mounted mirror. Wall-mounted mirrors are available in various elegant designs and shapes with stylish boundaries. You can also install mirrors with LED lights. LED mirrors mounted on the wall over the vanity add a charismatic effect in your small bathroom and they are also space effective.

2. Replace the Bathtub with Shower

Bathtubs look great in a bathroom, but they take too much space. If your small bathroom has a bathtub, you can notice that the bathroom looks too congested. Consider replacing your bathtub with a shower. The shower also works well in a small bathroom and are also easy to use. Adults and guests can use it conveniently.

Showers come in a huge variety, from simple to luxurious ones. Various stylish showers can make your small bathroom looks more stylish. Installing a hand shower is also an excellent option for remolding your small bathroom. If you have kids at your home, you can install a lower profile tub for them.

3. Install Glass Panel Instead of Curtains

Curtains look stylish, but they bring a few troubles. Curtains stick to wet body and make everyone feels irritating. Also, curtains are not easy to clean if they get dirty or stained. Replace your long sticky curtain with a glass panel. You can install a glass panel around your shower or bathtub. The frameless glass panel looks much better than other panels.

Installing a frameless glass panel is not too complicated. Besides, you can also clean the glass panel conveniently. Installing hinged glass panel is a better option as they are easy to maintain as compared to sliding ones. The siding glass panel has top and bottom tracks for sliding. Debris often gets stuck in the tracks making it hard to clean the sliding panel.

4. Mounting the Toilet on the Walls

Toilet often occupies enough space in your bathroom and makes the space more crowded. While remolding your bathroom, replace your regular toilet with a wall-mounted toilet. Wall-mounted toilets not only saves space but also give an innovative outlook to your bathroom. Mounting toilets on the wall is a bit tricky and expensive.

If you can’t afford wall mounted toilet, you can add a shelf over your toilet. Adding shelves over the toilet can accommodate numerous items. You can also place some decorations over the toilet for making your small bathroom look more creative.

5. Install Wall Mounted Taps

Regular taps take up more space and the piping network looks messy. Installing regular taps in a small bathroom casts an unappealing view. Replacing them with wall mounted taps can be a better option for your small bathroom. Wall-mounted taps are installed on the wall of the bathroom with a basin below it. You can hide the long pipes in the wall making your small bathroom look elegant and neat.

6. Adding Wall Mounted Basin

Ordinary basins are long with broad bases that take up o much space. Regular basins require a lot of space and they can make your small bathroom even more congested. For innovating your small bathroom install a wall-mounted basin instead of traditional huge-sized basins. A wall-mounted basin saves space at the bottom and you can use that space for storage purposes. Also, the hidden pipes make your bathroom space-efficient and trendy.

7. Adding Cabinets and Shelves on the Walls

For the bathroom, you also need some cabinets and shelves for storing bathroom accessories. If you try to install huge regular cabinets, they will occupy most of the space. You need something that could hold your bathroom accessories without cluttering them. Having recessed medicine cabinets can help you for storing different items. You can organize your toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and other such stuff in the recessed medicine cabinet.

Wall-mounted shelves also keep everything in your bathroom organized. Add glass shelves in your bathroom for a more elegant view. Glass looks fantastic in a bathroom. You can add narrow shelves over the toilet, vanity mirror, or above the entry door.

8. Use Light Colors

While remolding your small bathroom, give attention to the color scheme of the walls and the floor. Light colors help reflect the light and make the space brighter. You can’t add too many lights in a small bathroom. It can make your small bathroom looks unappealing. While remolding your bathroom, add light color paints to the walls. You can also add light color tiles in your bathroom. Tiles are more reflective and can better illuminate your bathroom. If you can’t afford tiles, use more reflective paints. The bright floor also contributes to illuminating your bathroom, so use some light colors for the flooring.

If you don’t like too light colors, add some dark colors on the floor. If you have a dark-colored floor, use shower tiles on the wall. Shower tiles make your bathroom more striking by creating an illusion of a continuous floor.

Final Words

Most of us can’t remold our small bathrooms just because we don’t know how to do it. If you also want to make your small bathroom look more innovative, the above tips can help you. Use the above ideas for remolding your small bathroom and transform your tiny bathroom into a beautiful small spa. So, keep the above idea in mind and make your bathroom more elegant and trendy.

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