How to Upgrade A Bathroom Mirror

How to Upgrade A Bathroom MirrorMost consider upgrading the bathroom with merely upgrading the mirror which heavily contributes to the newest-ever look.

But there we got several standards and ideas employ exactly unveiling how to upgrade a bathroom mirror effectively.

Do not take it as an ordinary upgrade task but it may cause a lot of headaches, and ideas to fiddle with.

If you are serious about it, stick with us as we open up with clear-cut ideas to apply on the bathroom mirror all by yourself.

How to Upgrade A Bathroom Mirror

We are not about to reveal to you the ways to install the bathroom mirror because what is there to enhance?

Let’s get to know how best you can upgrade the bathroom mirror to look dashing, sexy, and modern in all ways!

1. Sunrise floating with the combination of shelf

This old-looking mirror upgrade idea still works best in this modern world.

This mirror upgrade idea is totally frameless where the mirror slice in the sun-shape goes sticky up on the wall.

And adding the wooden shelf placed just over the sink and on the bottom of the mirror gives an absolutely beautiful look.

Not enough work is required, this unique floating mirror idea is quite cheap to adopt.

2. Sliding bathroom mirror

We personally so-love this design!

Having it resembles yourself as the super space-conscious homeowner utilizing every inch of the space.

That shows the exact same dynamic mind of yours telling the visitors you got the uniqueness buried inside you.

Slide the mirror to a certain point and utilize the backspace to store your bathroom essentials to play the double!

3. Lit vanity mirror

Inspired by the Hollywood makeup rooms, the excessive bulbs placed all around the mirror, this idea does not look any vague but pretty cool to have in the home-based bathroom, isn’t it?

Welcome the makeover-kind of mirror, and love seeing yourself in the reflection just like an iconic Hollywood figure!

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Well, the ideas do not tell how to upgrade a bathroom mirror

Yup, you are reading that right.

The purpose was to reveal what seems a process detailing out how to upgrade a bathroom mirror.

Let us frame that!

1. Frame it out

The basic upgrade consists of three basic steps. And outta one, it takes the frame to add around the mirror.

Go from bringing the frame designs from minimalist to outlandish whichever fits well according to your bathroom color scheme.

If that distracts, do not opt for that frame design.

2. Bring the shelves up!

We always complain of running out of space, don’t we?

But it is the matter of being dynamic in attention to grabble the ideas telling precisely how to employ the space to further enhance the storage.

With that, we find the space behind the mirror a perfect fit for that!

Whichever mirror you opt for and no matter their sizes vary, there is always room to craft the shelves to cover your bathroom essentials safely.

3. Go with lighting

Lit up the area just above the mirror to give the fancy look the most.

In most cases, we end up consuming one to two light fixtures to lit up the entire bathroom which is super erratic.

We see ourselves out the mirror then we need the proper lighting to place around the mirror to see our entire face.

So, you have got to traverse which areas would suffice to conveniently light up your face.

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