Cheap Bathroom Ideas

This is understood no home goes without a bathroom, but they vehemently lack decoration.

If yours is the one, you would always be looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom. And to help you down with it, we bring some real cheap bathroom ideas to stun you and anyone visiting it. πŸ™‚

They are cheap in price, but not really cheap in the imaginations. So, never let this mindset ever develop in your mind the β€˜cheap’ means cheap and worst. πŸ™‚

The Real Cheap Bathroom Ideas

The Real Cheap Bathroom Ideas

Drag nowhere else as we take you to straight cheap bathroom ideas to further beautify your bathroom to look different and elegant.

So, wait no more!

1. Tiled Wall Mirror

 Tiled Wall Mirror

A mirror is a must in every bathroom but the folks do not take an interest to bring something unique.

Say no more to the plain mirror when you can easily get the DIY tiled wall mirror where it just takes a wooden frame to install the mirror inside, and then decorate the tile around its four corners, and then have them grout together.

2. Stone Bathtub Surround

The free-standing bathtubs are dangerous when lingering in the air, and little push to the side that is open (not facing the bathroom wall for support) can tilt it and may fling by the time.

So, give it the best support by erecting the surrounding wall all around the bathtub made with sturdy stones to look nicer, newer, and give it enough support to withstand the weight without falling on the floor.

3. Hanging Bathroom Sign

Everyone knows where the bathroom is (and, we are deliberately talking about the family members) but why not give it a sign?

The heart-throbbing rustic design gives you the pure vintage feel!

Get it built yourself by having the beautiful plant hanger, small overlooking wooden plaque, and the cup holder which would not take long to craft.

4. Spray-painted bathroom fixtures

For us, the simple-looking bathroom fixtures are dull and boring.

The only solution we see is spray-painting them (with the black color) to look and feel different.

5. Wood Pallet Towel Rack

Instead of installing the simple towel hangers, amongst the cheap bathroom ideas, the wood pallet towel rack would give you a marvelous feel.

Capable of being made with inexpensive and the reclaimed items, this wood pallet towel rack is the cheaper solution than the heavier and decorative towel bar which results in emptying the whole wallet.

6. Mason Jar Light Fixture

Replace the ordinary lights with this mason jar light fixture that is shinier and unique.

Apply the bronze metallic paint which would give you the perfectly-warmer vintage look to recall the old days.

7. Wicker Basket Storage

Get one, two, or up to three of the wicker basket storage system to place up the pieces of cotton, rolls of tissue papers, creams, and all which do not fall out of it.

Placing the wicker baskets are a nice option to leave crafting the wooden, or plastic shelves, and show you are sensible and following the green policy.

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