Bathroom Remolding on a Budget

A luxurious and elegant bathroom is a dream of almost every homeowner. It remains a dream for most people as they think that it’s a too costly pursuit. Creativity and innovation cost a lot, but it is not something that you can’t accomplish on a budget. For bathroom remolding, you don’t need to replace and everything in your bathroom. Resisting yourself from spending money like water can save a lot.

Updating your bathroom can surely improve the value of your house, but be wise while remolding your bathroom. The first thing in this regard is to determine the budget you have for innovating your bathroom. Once you have determined the budget. List the things you want to upgrade. Here are few ways that can help you in bathroom remolding on a budget. Let’s get started.

1. Limit Tiling

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars just on tiling the bathrooms of their house. Though tiles look classy in bathrooms, they are quite expensive. If you have a limited renovation budget, use something else instead of tiles. Paints work well in replacing tiles. You can add a few tiles in a stylish order for making the paint look more enchanting. Waterproof wallpaper is also a great choice for bathroom remolding. Being manufactured of waterproof material, they are not affected by the water.

If you are still eager to use tiles, it’s better to choose cheaper ones. Artistic tiles can be an option if you want to see tiles in your bathroom. They cast an elegant look and are also less expensive.

Limit Tiling

2. Refinishing and Repairing Your Bathtub

Bathtubs are not too cheap. Replacing your bathtub during bathroom remolding can disturb your budget. If your bathtub is not in a good condition, try refinishing. Refinishing eliminates a yellowish surface and restores the huge notches in the tub. Epoxy resin is the best material for refinishing your bathroom.

If your bathtub just has scratches, and small cracks, refurbish them with touch-up material. Super glue porcelain repairs are the best ally for repairing the bathtub. You can fill the small cracks and scratches with it and make your bathtub as new.

Bathtub Repair

3. Replace Small Bathroom Fittings

Light fixtures, towel racks, taps, sink faucets, soap dispensers, and other small items may look insignificant. But they play a key role in the outlook of your bathroom. While remolding your bathroom, consider replacing small fitting. Bathroom fittings are available from highly expensive items to cheaper ones. You can purchase some budget-friendly items that match the paint or tiles of your bathroom.

While working on bathroom remolding on a budget, keep in mind not to spend on unnecessary fittings. Prefer to upgrade the items that degrade the view of your bathroom, then go for other ones.

4. Upgrading Floor

While remolding your bathroom, don’t forget to upgrade the floor. Though wooden floors look awesome, they are not good for bathrooms. If you have wooden flooring, replace it with some other flooring. For bathroom flooring tiles works best.

Installing tiles on the floor costs too much, and is also time taking process. For a quick and cost effective solution, you can paint the floor with protective enamel. Installing porcelain tiles, or vinyl flooring are also inexpensive ways for upgrading floors. Adding rugs in the bathroom can also be a wonderful idea while innovating the floor.


5. Painting the Walls by Yourself

Painting the walls is easy as well as fun. Bathroom walls don’t have too much space that requires paint as most of the space is covered by various fittings.  You don’t need to hire someone for painting such a small space. Save your money by painting your bathroom by yourself. You don’t need to be a professional in painting the interior of your bathroom. Take a paint box and a paintbrush and start painting. Once you start painting, you can complete it in 2 to 3 days.

6. Purchasing Used Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures like a bathtub, toilet, and showers are pretty expensive. Replacing even one of them with a new one can cost you hundreds of dollars. If your bathroom fixtures are damaged or in a worse condition, replace them with used ones. You can purchase used items at a reasonable price at various online sites, like eBay, Etsy, and Habitat for Humanity. Used bathroom fixtures are less costly and can be helpful in bathroom remolding on a budget.

Plumbing Fixtures

7. Installing Wainscot

A wainscot is a fantastic option for innovating your bathroom. It makes your bathroom look more stylish. Installing a wainscot on the lower half of the bathroom saves the walls from spills and stains. It is easier to clean the wainscot as compared to a painted wall.  Whenever you go for buying a wainscot, get one that matches well with the color of the paint on the wall.

Final Verdict

No doubt, bathroom remolding requires some extra budget, but you can do it with a limited budget. If you also want to innovate your bathroom with a limited budget, the above ways can help you. Employ them while remolding your bathroom and make your dream of having a stunning bathroom comes true.

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